Further to yesterday's momentous one-framer, here's something equally momentous: Poets Cornered is moving!

It would also be nice if you befriended wee Poughbuoy... aw, shucks - you know you want to.

Many apologies for any perceived and/or unperceived inconvenience/convenience*.

* wherein lies the basis of a tongue twister...


#127 - Forget Mrs Worthington...

Dear Reader

Things have changed in the Poets Cornered department.And they will continue to change - 4 panels was always a bit restrictive.

I hope you don't disapprove.

The Management


#126 - Fit??? Don't even ask...

We did know Poughbuoy was a hypocrite, yeah?

#126 - FIT! (part 2)


#125 - FIT!!!

Unsurprisingly, poets aren't automatically noted for their looks. Singers' faces? Vitally important - they sell the records. Poets' faces? Who cares?

Over at Rachel's, there was talk of Robert Graves nose and someone (who?) suggested compiling a list of the "fittest poets". The request for entrants for "Top 10 fittest poets (male)" stalled at precisely no candidates... Poughbuoy has been in touch with the editors of FHM to bring you this:

#125 - FIT!


#124 - Groucho went to dinner

#124 - Groucho went for dinner

Nearly all of this is true.


#117 - Astronomical Poetical

#117 - Astronomical Poetical

The past can be hard to read, it's true...


#107 - The Bridge of Death

#107 - The Bridge of Death

Some may detect a slight element of this here.


#100 - One Hundred

#100 - One Hundred

Somebody else acted Peter Pan.

I swallowed an alarm clock
And over the school playground's macadam
Crawled from prehistory towards him
Tick Tock Tick Tock the crocodile.
- Ted Hughes

(It's been a struggle getting to 100... here's to an easier second hundred!)