#127 - Forget Mrs Worthington...

Dear Reader

Things have changed in the Poets Cornered department.And they will continue to change - 4 panels was always a bit restrictive.

I hope you don't disapprove.

The Management


  1. Huzzah!
    Love the perspective stage and the text placement.
    You should see what Snoopy first looked like...

  2. Huzzah indeed! I've got my, ahem, poughjo back.

    I've just googled the first appearance of "Snoopy" - who is that imposter?!

    And have you read the bad news? I'm moving this operation over to Facebook... sorry. :( But it's open to all, and I'll be leaving notes at Stars Sliding about when new ones go up.

    In fact, if you go there now you'll fine three new ones!